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Coldplay's video is a lot of monkey business

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The lead single from their upcoming album, “Head Full Of Dreams”, due for release on December 4th, had first been uploaded to YouTube a few weeks ago (as already blogged about by Maxjosephsagan), but the official video has been dropped on Facebook yesterday.

With a song title like “Adventure of a Lifetime”, you can really go buck wild on the story boards and the video definitely shows no expenses spared. The fully animated video feels like a short movie, though, without any story at all. It’s just a lot of monkey business, literally.

In the middle of the jungle, a tribe of apes run into a Beats Pill that just happens to start playing the Coldplay song. In a matter of minutes all the apes in the jungle gather for a major party of the wild, with the typical scenes of monkeys dancing and playing instruments, that I know you’ve seen many times at the zoo. LOL.

All monkey business aside, it’s a fun video and I actually like the song better accompanied by this video, than when it was first dropped with a collage of craziness as a backdrop.

The song itself is up-tempo, which is the side of Coldplay that I really like. I know, they have been known for their moodier, dreamy work, but they have been exploring more musically lately, and for me, it works. I like them so much better now, than I did before.

The new album has been teased with many exclusives the past few weeks. It features a duet with Beyonce and, surprisingly, Chris Martin’s ex-wife Gwyneth Palthrow. It’s not surprisingly that the actress sings - she’s the daughter of a music producer and has released music before, even joining the likes of Babyface and Huey Lewis - but the fact that the press still acts like she’s never done that before I find so surprising. “She’s even written the lyrics to her own verse on her track with Coldplay”, what a shock.

Anyway, the Coldplay video was only shared on Facebook so far, which makes it difficult to share elsewhere, but  here’s the link to the Facebook post.



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