Joanne (Deluxe)
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Lady Gaga Embraces The John Wayne Spirit

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The day Lady Gaga is not in the news or performing will be a sad, sad day. However, that is not what is happening today instead Gaga has released a music video for her single John Wayne from the latest album Joanne. With the John Wayne music video, there is a ton (and I mean a ton) of satire. The comedy is pure as well as appreciated. While the video portrays a slight country/western vibe there is Gaga's main influence, her own vocal talent. As Gaga rides on the back of a horse with a young man, dressed head to foot in denim apparel things from being hit in the head by a branch, nearly kicked off the horse and being sideswiped by a beer bottle thrown from a rowdy car filled with guys... leaves one question... where in the hell is this going?

Right before the epic, John Wayne chorus comes into play, Gaga is seen riding a motorcycle implying that she's waiting around for a real wild man. That or in the same as the classic film star John Wayne. While picking up some notorious balancing moves as Gaga rides the motorcycle, within seconds a choreographed neon dance troupe has enveloped Gaga in the middle. Even Gaga's iconic 'clawed monster pose' makes an appearance in the choreographed sequence.

According to the song John Wayne, this individual is a red-state native, ending up on day long binges and a hardy grip to keep the blood flowing. John Wayne is a mash-up of western, comedy, and B-Horror movie battle. However, it is proven that Gaga herself may just be the spiritual embodiment of this insane yet striking entombment of unabashed behavior.

Do not worry monsters, Lady Gaga has not disappointed with this unreal, colorful and neon spectacular installment to her Joanne treasure.

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