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A Head Full of Dreams: The Most Upbeat Album Coldplay will ever Make

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As Coldplay prepare to release its final album A Head Full Of Dreams, on December 4th, its time to start the nostalgia train and take a look back at how their music has evolved. However, this task appears to be impossible since Coldplay's new single Adventure of a Lifetime, simply makes you want to dance. Through their first 6 albums, Coldplay’s epic sound has made us nostalgic, blue, and sometimes even brought us to tears. However, the new single signals a new evolution for a band that has managed to continue to evolve while remaining itself. The new single suggests that the new album will be something that none of the previous albums had been before, happy. So the question must be ask, why is Coldplay suddenly playing happy music? 

A first listen to the new single Adventure of a Lifetime, will have you wanting to dance, smile and sing along. The song is a long way away from the guitar driven anthems such as Clocks and Yellow. However, as Coldplay has evolved, from Yellow to its last album Ghost Stories, it is only a small step away from its predecessor.  Its disco beat, and its lyrical themes make the song as upbeat as any song Coldplay has released since Paradise. So why will the next album be unlike its past albums and be upbeat and happy?  

Evidence points to the fact that Chris Martin's mindset and muse have changed. Ghost Stories was being written while Christ Martin was going through his " Unconscious uncoupling" with Gwyneth Paltrow. This is illustrated in the song True Love, where Martin sings:

For a second, I was in control

I had it once, I lost it though

And all along the fire below would rise


And I wish you could have let me know

What's really going on below

I've lost you now, you let me go

But one last time


Tell me you love me

If you don't then lie

Lie to me


Remember once upon a time

When I was yours and you were blind

The fire would sparkle in your eyes

And mine

These lyrics clearly illustrate that Martin is unhappy and upset with the break up. He acknowledges that it is over, but also whishes that he could continue on. He would rather have the person lie then leave. The unhappy lyrics lead the band behind Martin to simply follow his lead, and create something melancholy, and blue. Conversely, while Coldplay was writing and recording A Head Full Of Dreams, Martin was dating superstar movie actress Jennifer Lawrence. Lawrence was much younger than Paltrow, did not have kids and was free of any responsibly besides her own acting. This change in partners and in energy affected Martin's state of being. This is clearly illustrated in their new song Adventure of a Lifetime, where Martin sings:

Now I feel my heart beating

I feel my heart underneath my skin

And I feel my heart beating

Oh you make me feel

Like I'm alive again

Alive again

Oh you make me feel

Like I'm alive again

These lyrics reinforce the idea that Martin is happy, energized and back to feeling the way he was before the Ghost Stories album. Because he was with Lawrence for most of the writing process of this album, it is safe to say that the rest of the album will also have this upbeat energy. And with appearances with Tove Lo, Merry Clayton, Noel Gallagher, and Beyoncé, the album is sure to be a great sounding record. 

For now, we can only wait till December 4th when Coldplay releases its new energetic and upbeat music! 

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