Adventure Of A Lifetime
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Coldplay A Head Full Of Dreams Album Review

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Coldplay released their new album entitled A Head Full of Dreams on December 4th, 2015. Coldplay is a group I have been following since their very first album Parachutes. Because of this, I hold their music up to very high standards because I've seen their potential and expect them to live up to that.First off, watching Coldplay progress as the years go by is astonishing. It seems like every album they introduce wildly new ideas, and emotional feelings into their sound. And just like clockwork, this album did not disappoint. The extremely bright and colorful album cover seems to reflect the sound you'll hear in A Head Full of Dreams. 

I believe Coldplay made very wise choices when releasing singles on because one of the many songs I enjoyed was the second single titled “Everglow”. This song exemplifies everything I like about Coldplay. Beautiful, harmonious piano melodies create an expansive soundscape that Martin’s voice fits perfectly into. They use a tasteful amount of electronic influence to make the song feel modern, and less like their old material. A Head Full Of Dreams,

Overall, I think successfully lived up to my expectations. Although more mellow than their other material, the album has a universal feel to it making it an absolute pleasure to listen to start to finish. Coldplay’s ever expanding sound continues to impress, leaving their newest album in top form.A Head Full Of Dreams

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