Arena Negra
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The Myrrors - Arena Negra

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The Myrrors are quite a renowned krautrock/psychedelic rock band, and they came out with a great new album earlier this year. Arena Negra is probably one of the best psychedelic rock releases of this year, as it packs some amazing drone influenced utterly transcendental kraut infused psychedelic rock. One must just press the play button and start with the nearly 12 minute long first track titled Arena Negra to understand how this album is just a long psychedelic journey. Arena Negra is all about repetitive low end humming basslines that wonder the desert of some amazing improvisational jamming in the vein of early days Earthless, but also unique in its own way. The percussion department also follows the catchy repetitive and forward propelling pattern. A journey deep into the endless desert of ayahuasca induced visions.

The second track Juanita Laguna features some truly acid rock vocals completely fitting for a journey full of visions, while the third track Dome House Music sounds interestingly similar to the Swedish psychedelic drone rock masters Pärson Sound/International Harvester. The third track titled Forward Path however is another monumental 20 minute long kraut influenced psychedelic rock journey into the vision filled endless desert. Yet it also starts off and commences in a very Pärson Sound-like way, making you think that The Myrrors have been heavily influenced by the remarkable Swedish drone rock pioneers on this particular album of theirs. And that of course is a completely welcome thing. Forward Path is a truly monumental drone rock masterpiece in its own right and in a modern key, despite the clear Pärson Sound influences.

It can only be said that Arena Negra is definitely among the best psychedelic rock releases of this year, and it is a definite treat to anyone who likes Pärson Sound and International Harvester. If you are looking for a psychedelic drone rock journey then Arena Negra is a no-nonsense way to go.

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