The Beatles
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Inside The Beatle Box

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Since I was born in the mid 80s, I do not have the right to talk about the world changing greatness within this legendary group of people. I will not take the right of an author of their impact on music, because I did not live in that time, nor have I ever been a true fan of that genre to know its true colors. Therefore, I will not righteously fill out this article in that matter. Instead, I will try to sum up the useful, fun and vital facts, for all generations of sounds, prolonging and passing the legacy further into the future.

I will try to attach the highlighted rare pins of history, and called them "Theirstory". For all the facts I lay here, there is some tail of original source, so my part is to shape all of them into a most formal, memorable "Beatle Box", which you can open at any time you find your self fitted for and just reminisce or share with your dearest ones alongside coffee cups and sweet tastes and smells.

To start off, let`s single out our first pin of importance: "Theirstory 1"- The first meet. July 6th, 1957. John (as John Lennon), was waiting on to do a live performance at the annual Woolton Parish Church Garden Fete with his band Quarry Men formed just a year before that, when at the same time on the other side of the line, but the waiting crowd one, stands no other than Paul McCartney, then just a 15-yeard-old young boy. Although Paul was so impressed by the John`s band and the energy he translated from stage, John was not so easy to impress, but after Paul showed his guitar skills, the rest is all history. 

For every person on the planet who has never listened to The Beatles actively, or don`t know the titles of their albums, not even maybe the names of the band members, which is mostly possible if we are to look through the eyes of the latest generations, there is at least one song that must have been heard, or at least her most common parts. From laughed at joke "Scrambled Eggs"  single, came long waited most selling song in the music history "Yesterday". Paul McCartney`s soft guittar ballad. Beside enormous plays, this song was covered in so many ways so many times by various artists in many different genres, including Pop, RnB, Hip Hop, you name it, but what is also very magical is that Paul himself didn`t believe what his mind created in a dream, having delayed the original melody for so long, for he was waiting for someone to claim the rights on the song. Now he believed he touched the barriers of "cryptomnesia", in this case a memory of music forgotten by the brain, served as a new, never before heard idea. After finally convinced he was not plagiarizing, the song emerged on their album "Help!.

Filled with so many astonishing verities, which cannot fit this tiny box of mine, I will cut though them as precisely as my scissors allow me. Now sliding the cutting edges from the times The Fab Four were declined by the Decca Auditions with claims that guitar groups are an old story and "The Beatles have no future in show business", to LSD consumption at a still very young age, and from the Abbey Road phenomenon, holding their most selling album in history, the album cover where the band members are crossing the street on Abbey Road in Liverpool, also became the most imitated picture ever, to, still some believe it or not unreleased songs in possesion, then John and Paul`s early duo act "The Nurk Twins",  and to the moment when Richard Starkey aka Ringo Starr, the most famous drummer ever joined in 1962 as a grandma`s push ambidextrous kid, and his childhood nickname Little Richie, also getting the name Ringo for wearing rings and Starr after his own feature slot "Starr time" with the ex-band, then earning the nickname "Lazarus" as student because of his frequent visits to the hospitals and same amount of returns all due to his illness of inflamated appendix which led him to a 2 months coma, which sums up my check up write on the oldest crew member, but on the youngest one, the lead guittarist, Mr. George Harrison and his unfortunate faith strangled by cancer, I will mention the crucial history moment and actual first Beatle meet, which occured at a school bus ride between George and Paul when they were 11 and 12, then a step later, when George became a multi-instrumentalist as he learned to play 26 different instruments, but he also adored gardening publishing his book "I Me Mine", and dedicating it to all the gardeners out there, down to when every music head assumed the Rock And Roll era was over, comes the most impressive fact of all: a "theystory" fact of universal success of the most passionate naturaly born musicians, artists who played from their feelings and souls, the composers and producers who up to this moment and on haven`t got a day of musical school and knowlege, who don`t recognize music notes on sheets and yet who managed to claim the supernatural accomplishment with their God-given talents. Surely the most useful lesson anyone can take and utilize.

Yes, as most would say, all artists are on the edge of madness and would probably dare to judge based on the drug notes and some private affair facts behind the curtains, the real closure is that talent doesn`t know the types of character, doesn`t understand the color of skin, or does it cares about such. It only bothers to apply it`s adaptation and pursue it`s best outcome at any price possible. For sometimes, the most casual breed of human impostors are the most deranged ones. 

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