Lady Gaga
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Will Lady Gaga go less Gaga on new album?

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In terms of solo work, it’s been kind of quiet surrounding Lady Gaga. Yes, she’s definitely not been sitting around holidaying since the release and world tour of “ArtPop”. She and Tony Bennet have been touring non-stop since the release of Cheek to Cheek, the easy listening jazzy album, but the mainstream radio listening audience has noticed her absence there.

In August, her tour with Tony Bennett  ended. Since, she’s appeared in the American Horror Story and recorded a new version of “I Want Your Love”, originally by Chic, for Tom Ford’s new collection, which I absolutely love, but that aside.

It’s a fact that the Lady has now set her sights on doing a new album. She’s been sharing this herself on social media with #LG5.

Her Chic cover has sparked a lot of speculation online, whether her new album will be presenting her as a disco queen next. Others have noticed that the Lady is presenting herself less “Gaga” than ever on her social media accounts and on her public appearances.

Rumors of her potentially working with Paul McCartney and Elton John sparked the idea that a more mature sound is in the works. Only the latter has spoken out that he’s actually heard some of the tracks of the album and assured fans it’s worth the wait. However, he’s not confirmed that they were working together, nor has he spoken out about what type of music we could expect.

Her first album, “The Fame”, combined electronic dance music with the popular sounds of R&B/Hip Hop. “Born This Way” and “ArtPop” explored a combination of house music with electronic rock, perhaps easier summed up as power house. To me, some of it even reminded me of the early house music Italy became known for in the 80s, I think even late 80s.

“PopArt” wasn’t able to keep the masses as interested as before, so the question is whether she’ll take this into account?

If you only keep up with her hits, it’s easy to assume there’s nothing more to Lady Gaga than playing the crazy pop princess, but if you’ve seen here live, you know that rock music is not foreign to her either. She also plays herself.

Even browsing around on YouTube, you will quickly find out that she´s musically versatile, as flexible and free as her hair, so to speak.

The only thing confirmed about her 5th album is her teaming up with former collaborator RedOne. Rodney Jenkins (“Telephone”) has also been mentioned, but not confirmed, and more recently, beau Taylor Kinney has been mentioned to, perhaps, work with her.

Release of the album is expected next year, 2016, because obviously it takes time to create and even Lady Gaga wouldn’t want to go head to head with Adele’s big return.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind if she mixes various styles and keep dance as a theme throughout the album. It would be great to get away from an album full of wacky topics in the lyrics, but just find a good balance between the craziness and the serious musician that is housed within her.  

Tell me, what would you like to see her do on her next album? Rock? Dance? Acoustic?

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