Kylie Minogue
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This year's a Kylie Minogue Christmas

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While writing this, I’m looking out my window at gloomy fall day filled with rain. The heater is up and I’m pretty bummed that I don’t have any chocolate in the house ‘cos a hot chocolate would sure make this day feel better. Reality sinks in, winter is coming.


But, this winter, there’s so much to look forward to. Ofcourse Christmas is always a fun time and I do get into it, but this year there’s a Kylie Minogue Christmas album coming out, which has sparked the holiday feeling a little earlier than usual with me.


After her great work with Giorgio Moroder and a second EP with Garibay (like fellow Kurrent blogger Somad had noticed too), it seemed the pop princess had, again, switched to the more serious electronic music. Her least commercially successful era of her career was while being signed to dance label Deconstruction and exploring both electronic, house and even some alternative rock sounds.


After this, she reclaimed her pop thrown with her brilliant pop come back that left everybody “Spinning Around”.


Over the years, she’s recorded her own version of “Santa Baby” and “Let It Snow”, but a little over a month ago, rumors started popping up that she had a full Christmas album in the works. And yes, it didn’t take long until the announcement was made.


The release date of the album has been carefully planned in the same week as One Direction and Justin Bieber, so competition is fierce, but still well out of the way for a clash with a possible release of a new album by Adele. 

Kylie Minogue - ChristmasThe tracklist for the album is already public knowledge and it features most of the Christmas classics and surprise duets with sister Dannii, but also Frank Sinatra and Iggy Pop!


This eases my mind a little, because the girlie girl singer in combination with Christmas, to me, could add up to become very cheesy. To me, as a fan, this is a worry when it comes to this move of hers. I think she was on a roll lately with her combining dance and pop, so anything cheesy would have to be balanced out with something else, and that may very well be Iggy Pop.


She’s kept the album name simple and to the point, “Christmas”, and will perform with it at the Royal Albert Hall on December 10th (already sold out). I expect strings, bells, crazy looking dancers and a very Minogue Christmas. A wonderful time.