Revival (Deluxe)
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It's hard to let it go

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Selena Gomez seems to have been born for a life in entertainment. As a matter a fact, she hardly knows anything else. Her career actually began at the tender age of 10 and not many stars can say they've already released a greatest hits album at age 22!


In the middle of a speedy and successful career, a little girl has to grow up and deal with whatever else life throws her way. With the album “Revival”, Selena has been making several personal revelations to the press and her Twitter followers. Most recently revealing that her visit at a rehab center was no addiction related. She had been there to get treated for Lupus.


Her personal heartbreak has also been topic for the press. An on and off relationship with Justin Bieber was much publicized and some bitter critics even say it's time for her to stop using it as a source of inspiration and move on. It seems like she's at that point too.


“Same Old Love” describes how, even though it's hard, there comes a point where you just can't hang on to a love any longer. “I'm so sick of that same old love / My body's had enough”. Yep, that's when you know to let it go. Oh, if only it were that easy.


A piano loop is used as a bass line in the song and it's just as catchy as the chorus. It's a song you like right away and you know you connect to, 'cos everyone has that kind of love at some point in their lives. Unfortunately. And just like that old love, this song is hard to let go off. It stays in your head.


In the accompanied video for the song, Selena breaks away from the glamorous life to realize that others experience the exact same thing too. Looking at other situation, she realizes there are more people who are sick of that same old love, but are stuck.


This realization comes just in time for her to return to her showbiz self. She then steps back onto the stage and finds a renewed love in her work. And thankfully so, because there's more work for her to do.


Leading up to the “Revival” album, Selena replaced her managers, a team formed by her mom and stepfather, and moved to a new record label. There's a lot to prove now. The album was released last week.


But, while the whole point of the new album is to show a more matured version of Selena Gomez – she herself linked it to the “Stripped” era in Christina Aguilera's life and career - reports of the opposite are still coming in, like her throwing a fit at an airport. Oh, btw, apparently, it also had something to do with Justin Bieber, yep, that same old love again... wish they had a cure for that.

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