Kylie Minogue
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Kylie Minogue’s Music Makeover

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Remember the time in early 2000 when Kylie Minogue totally overthrew her Eighties Pop princess image with “Spinning Around”? Well, she seems to have done it again. Or maybe every time she is back with a bang, she surprises me with her versatility as a musician in pop and also with her gorgeousness. Because Kylie doesn’t just reinvent her image, she almost totally makes a new direction for pop music when she comes up with a new collaboration.

This time her collaboration with Giorgio Moroder, the genius Italian producer, has me totally excited! Giorgio’s brand of music blending seamlessly with Kylie’s voice is in fact a novel sound to revel in. The two songs by the collaborators have released till now- “Right Here Right Now” and “Your Body”, keeps up with Moroder’s disco-electronic influences with ambient synths and Daft Punk-esque loops and adds in Kylie’s allure and sensual vocals. But anybody who listens to both songs can also find notable differences in their thought processes and compositions. While “Right Here Right Now” has a more bubblegum pop feel to it, “Your Body” has a more complex composition.

Here are my thoughts on the songs!

Right Here Right Now – Funky undertones and catchy lyrics, defines this one. This is what dance pop was made of. Moroder is a veteran when it comes to dance numbers and disco. And, this is the song is the perfect embodiment of his prowess. Even though it’s a simple dance song with lesser deviations in terms of compositions and harmonies (which generally appeals much to me), if asked to choose a favorite, I’d definitely be picking this one because I think it really stays true to what it is, creating the quintessential Minogue-Moroder balance.

The video, on the other hand, is a slight disappointment though, as it borderlines on fashion shoot/clothes commercial execution. I believe someone could have done with paying a little more attention to it, even if Kylie sizzles as usual.

Your Body – Your Body has Garibay, previously known for his contributions to well-known songs by artists like Shakira, Lady Gaga and even U2, pitching in. And, that is what I think gives the song a third dimension of pummeling beats and bass and a striking inbuilt tension in the melody. The song also has a meandering composition which makes it the stronger track with respect to arrangements and harmony. Giorgio’s Italian monologue in the beginning and the synth overtones builts a distinct ambiance for the song!


If Kylie is keeping this up and getting into more interesting collaborations, I’m definitely going to be keeping an eye on her. But right now I’m also extremely stoked about Giorgio Moroder’s further upcoming singles from this new album, because he seems to be on the most interesting collaboration spree so far. He’s lined up a diverse set of artists that includes Sia, Charlie XCX and even Britney Spears! Yes, that seems like one heady mix we are headed towards as all of the artists have their own distinct styles. And Sia, is one of the artists that has me wide-eyed with awe these days. I am totally expecting some range defying vocals from her and that is going be an interesting blend with the Moroder loops.