Love Don't Feel Right
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The Cairos' Dreamy Unease

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Is there something in the water Down Under? There seems to be an influx of stellar Australian indie acts gaining international prominence in recent times, e.g. Tame Impala (Perth), Vance Joy (Melbourne), Gotye (Melbourne), Courtney Barnett (Melbourne), Angus and Julia Stone (Sydney), Alpine (Melbourne) and Sia (Adelaide), who has gone mainstream. 

With their recent lineup shuffle and departure from their previous label, Brisbane-based indie band The Cairos (Alistar Richardson on vocals and guitar, Alfio Alivuzza on guitar, Reuben Schafer on bass and Jacob Trotter on drums) seem perfectly poised to contribute with what may turn out to be an Aussie indie wave.



All clad in white, the trio cruise along on a boat ride that takes a Biblical turn (Image Source:


Their latest track ‘Love Don’t Feel Right’ is a dreamy, contemplative track that evokes an inner emotional turmoil caused by a dissonant and inert romantic relationship:


“If I wait

I'll never be the one/ I'll never be the one

Never be the one anyway

No I'll never be enough for you

I keep tryin' to change my mind

But I can't help thinking

Whenever you call

Your love don't feel right

And I keep tryin' to hold my head high

So let's go and roll

Whenever I call

My love don't feel right

And I can't get enough”


The lyrics flow along effortlessly, cocooned in a dreamy atmosphere of gleaming synth-lines and subtle drum beats. Richardson delivers the song’s defeatist realizations with the slightest tinges of melancholic resignation, evoking an experience of emotional limbo that gently reels you in for multiple listens.