Alice Jemima
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Alice Jemima's Breezeblocks

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There is something magical that happens when an artist takes an existing song and completely re-imagines it in their own unique style. There are so many mediocre covers out there, but on occasion a musician will offer us something that is simultaneously original and familiar. Alice Jemima’s cover of Alt-J’s Breezeblocks is a prime example of this occurrence. While Ellie Goulding’s Alt-J cover seemed to water down its original mood, Jemima’s take on the band’s style re-invents it in the gentlest of female tones backed by wonderfully minimal production. In doing this, the UK artist seems to somehow maintain the essence of the song whilst creating an entirely new feel and sound.

22 year old producer and vocalist Alice Jemima has not yet offered us an album of original work, but has rather released a number of spectacular singles to follow her 2012 EP, All the Boyfriends. One can only assume that this is due to a thorough commitment to perfectionism in each creation she shares with the world. Jemima has an active live performance schedule and accompanied Laura Doggett on her UK tour. She personally informs fans of her movements via regular updates on her website,

Breezeblocks is best described as a gentle groove. It is driven by rhythmic beats and enhanced by an airy instrumental soundscape created by the subtle repetition of melodic chords and breathy vocal edits. Jemima’s soft but strong vocal seems to re-invent the original song with a fresh perspective. Alt J’s track features a satisfyingly strong baseline and a consistently aggressive vocal. Emotionally, it can be experienced as a moment of release. Best blasted from a sound system on an evening drive, it is an energising piece that is good fun to listen to. Jemima’s version maintains a consistent, quick speed while the darkness of the breathy vocals maintains the original piece’s dark undertones.

If you have not yet listened to Breezeblocks as covered by Alice Jemima, be sure to check it out. While you’re there, you would do well to stumble upon the singer’s rework of Blackstreet’s No Diggity which is of equal quality.



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