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R.I.P. to my youth, if you really listen then this is to you.


When The Neighbourhood released their first full-length album, "I Love You.," in 2013, I instantly downloaded the whole thing and listened to it from start to finish.  I had already sampled their EPs "I'm Sorry..." and "Thank You," but something told me that "I Love You." would redefine dark indie rock with experimental hip hop influences.  The curation of the album, the monochromatic aesthetic, mixed with Jesse Rutherford's beautiful croons created an emotional journey for me, making The NBHD one of my favorite bands of all time.  Their 2014 mixtape "#000000 & #FFFFFF" (black & white) took the hip hop influences and made them real - with features such as YG, Dej Loaf, & French Montana.


Drumroll please, the reason why I am drooling all over The NBHD's past works of art, about two weeks ago, the group of five announced the release of their new album, "Wiped Out!"  The eleven-track album is set to be released October 30th of this year.  "R.I.P 2 My Youth" is the leading single off the track, released right around the same time as the album announcement.  The last song off of the album, it gives us a little preview as to what the album is going to bring – and what kind of note it is going to end on.  That song in itself is so moving and poweful, with deep and twisted lyrics paired with a throbbing beat – listen to it a few times and the emotions will just pour right out of you.  Hopefully the band will release a few more singles off the track between now and the time of the release, as waiting over a month without new NBHD music would be a major tease.

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