Wiped Out!
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The Neighbourhood Wiped Out! Album Review

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On October 30th, 2015 The Neighbourhood released their sophomore album entitled The Neighbourhood is a group that has historically evoked a strong emotional response for me. Ever since I heard their radio hit “Sweater Weather”, I was hooked on their music. The raspy, smooth sound of lead singer Jesse Rutherfords voice, invokes a strong sense of nostalgia inside me. Something about the way their music is mixed, makes it sound like each instrument exists on it's own elevated plane. When you pair this with their honest, heartfelt lyrics it creates a deeply, hypontic atmosphere.Wiped Out!

Wiped Out! is artistically a huge step forward for The Neighbourhood. It seems that their first album only scratched the surface of their true potential. Throughout Wiped Out!, I was consistently impressed by the variety of genres they tap into. You hear strong influences of shoegaze, dream pop, and most of all experimental indie. The title track “Wiped Out!” and 4th track “Daddy Issues” demonstrates this newfound empirical sound. Another thing I noticed was the gradual move away from the hip-hop influenced lyrical style and dive deeper into the experimental indie feel. I Love You

The Neighbourhood’s music has matured astronomically since their first album, and I can only hope that it continues in this direction. The trajectory of this band has been unpredictable but sometimes that’s how musicians fall into their own as artists. As a relatively young band, I am very excited to see how this group continues to develop and see where their career takes them.