How Deep Is Your Love
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You know what? I never truly listened to electronic music because when I hear the “toot toot” and the “teet teet” accompanied by loud and rampant beats, I tend to associate it with parties. Well, parties are not usually my thing. The things going on my head are girls and guys everywhere carrying red cups, getting wasted, enjoying the wildness of the night life. Everyone’s busy making new friends; others are busy finding their “mates.” Everybody jumps up and down, bang their heads from side to side and flail their hands like they are waving their national flags! For an introvert like me, I don’t think I am fit to be part of a night life. I might as well cuddle with my pillows and books, and ground myself in my room.

As for my music taste, I have always listened to rock and other mellow songs and all others except for the “toot toot” and “teet teet” but it all changed when I went into a convenience store and the song playing got my attention but first, I was somehow irritated and I was on the verge of dipping my hand inside my bag to get my headset to drown the electronic national anthem (the song was almost played everywhere) but. . . when the first beat dropped I was at loss and I felt that my heart wanted to move and dance to the rhythm and beat. As I also listened to the lyrics of Calvin Harris and The Disciples’ song “How Deep is Your Love?”, I was experiencing an unexplainable reflex, an urge to absorb all the melodies and lyrics that the speaker was voicing out. I’ve heard of other Calvin Harris’ songs but this one certainly etched in my mind.

“How deep is your love? Is it like the ocean?” This line made me sound like a broken record at home because I kept on singing it on repeat. My brother even made fun of me for he knew I was not a huge fan of electronic music. I downloaded other electronic songs after I have discovered the beauty within songs like “How Deep is Your Love?”

I have learned that music is the ultimate aesthetical experience that any human could ever have. I have realized that good music is not based on the usual thing I hear; music transcends genre.

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