Atoosa Grey
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Atoosa Grey Transforms on Dear Darkness

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After a ten year music hiatus, Atoosa Grey releases her much awaited full length album 'Dear Darkness', where she showcases her talent of poetry, piano playing, and her strong velvety vocals. 


Co-produced by Atoosa and her husband, Noel Grey, 'Dear Darkness' is a somber thought provoking album, with rich instrumentation and lyrical poetry. The 8-song long record contains three previously released singles: "It Takes Time", "Dear Darkness", and "Storms", as well as five new pieces. The first song, "It Takes Time", a song about the emotional aftermath of a difficult breakup, introduces the album to the theme of using the darkness and sadness to heal, "and I know that the dark can set me free, and the dark is different now" she explains, "part of me too". The third song, "Night Drags On", is an almost upbeat bluesy tune with a deep bass and plucky guitar. The piece is heavily influenced by folk and rock, and provides the album with a nice pick me up before delving into the moodiness of title track "Dear Darkness". "Dear Darkness", the song after which the album is named, is a very full yet very stripped down song, with light textured piano playing and rich cellos. Melodic and dark, Atoosa continues to delve into the theme of healing from the hurt through the following songs "All These Things" and "Storms". The album progresses through the Americana-influenced piece "Let Light Through", and finishes with the final song, "Chapters".


The album, beautiful and romantic, speaks to Atoosa's accomplishments as a piano player, poet, and singer. The Brooklyn-based artist has so far released four albums, published poetry that has appeared in print and online journals, as well as a Masters in Creative writing. 


With all that is going on in Atoosa's life and career, it is no wonder that she took a decade to release this record, but don't worry she promises she won't make us wait another ten years before releasing more music!


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