Flowers Must Die
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Flowers Must Die

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Flowers Must Die are Swedish psychedelic rock band who have released a number of albums during the last half a decade, and whose latest EP Montana/Nusrat was released by Höga Nord Rekords. I stumbled on Flowers Must Die a handful of years ago and caught myself wondering. How on earth are they not more well-known than they currently are? And that was many years ago from today. After that Flowers Must Die have released even more really great experimental kraut infused psychedelic rock albums that definitely stick out from among a mediocre range of average psych rock bands that the whole world is full of nowadays.

Among all the praise, I can't actually say that Flowers Must Die are a band who are making something truly new, but what they do is just really great, and it has some nuances which makes them stick out. For example their approach to psychedelic rock jamming is more experimental as far as guitar sounds go. There is a lot of wah-wah used in an interesting fuzzy and feedback filled manner. Otherwise the strucures are pretty much the same as with any psych rock band that rely on a constant and catcy reptititve low end bassline, and equally repetitive and hypnotic drumming, on top of which they put some noisy fuzz and feedback filled guitar improvisation. One must however only listen to tracks like Möt Väggen, Motvals or Dimman to understand that these guitar improvisations are pretty great and in parts have a feel of Japanese underground psychedelic rock. The latter comes best apparent in tracks Hundra Miljoner Frön + Ejafjallajökull. Almost all of their material is however pretty good and truly satisfying for anyone into the more experimental psychedelic noise rock.

All in all this Swedish underrated psychedelic rock band produces some great kraut infused psychedelic rock with some noise-rock influences also at their very core. Thus they are a band to keep an eye on, as they seem to produce great albums almost on a yearly basis since they started out.

Here are also some links to their material: