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Ogre You Asshole

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There is something really magnetizing and deep about the Japanese shoegaze, noise and psychedelic experimentalists. Their sounds and perversions with guitars sound in a really true and authentic way. I mean when you listen to one of these bands using tons of noise, distortion, delays and reverbs in their music it all sounds so natural! No one does it like the Japanese experimentalists. You want true shoegaze / psychedelic guitar atmosphere? Surf Japanese music archives! You will never be disappointed. They do it like they were born with the knowledge of making enveloping atmosphere of dreamy visions and images.

Ogre You Asshole is a band from Nagano, Japan. They are experimental, atmospheric, psychedelic and touching. Guys started as a cover band in 90’s, then some line-up changes took place and they started playing their own music. Ogre’s big love and influence is Modest Mouse. Though, they were influenced in a right way – Ogre You Asshole doesn’t sound like Modest Mouse or anyone else. They are a beautiful and so cute psychedelic alternative rock with poppy flavors – all that mixed together sounds unforgettable and authentic. Extremely nice.

Ogre You Asshole makes you wanna make love in a melancholic way if you can imagine that. Love on the clouds among kitties with big eyes crying tears of joy and happiness. This band is a love act you cannot ignore. Ogre’s melodies seem to be so simple, but the whole thing with a tender vocal and airy atmosphere definitely does work. They are not that simple, oh no! The band produces unlimited joy, light, calm and kindness. And it does not make you feel sick. It envelops you and tells you everything’s alright, just chill and enjoy this great piece of brilliant music. Once you’ve heard them you cannot stop wanting their warm music.

I wrote this essay for my Special Someone as a surprise. And my appreciation to Ogre You Asshole. You guys are awesome.

Some useful links:

Official Website: http://www.ogreyouasshole.com/ Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/artist/2100798-Ogre-You-Asshole Last.fm: http://www.last.fm/music/OGRE+YOU+ASSHOLE