Rob Zombie
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Rob Zombie

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Charming perverted midgets dancing at cemetery, sexy living dead strippers dancing at the local morgue. Maniacs mixing cocaine and whiskey; they are dancing on a dirty basement. Everyone is dancing and laughing. Everyone is happy and everything is perfect. What can be sexier than a sexy zombie stripper? The answer is sexy zombie stripper getting naked to Rob Zombie sounds.

So you’re watching “The Lords of Salem” again while a gorgeous milf vixen is dancing for you on the table. She’s barefoot, drunk and devoted. Your life is beautiful. All of a sudden your milf stops dancing! She’s staring at you with hunger and lust on her face. Something’s wrong, you feel it. Well, she’s always hungry and lustful but this time it’s something different. You say – Hey milf vixen, what’s up? – She keeps silent. You’re curious and a bit scared. – Jane! What’s wrong?

Milf vixen named Jane starts hissing like a snake. It’s so funny and sexy! You’re not scared anymore. – Milf, what are you trying to say? And Jane says: You know, Alfonso, I’ve got some good news for you, darling. Rob Zombie’s gonna hit this world with a new album in 2016!

And you’re out. Orgasm is on its way. Milf vixen Jane walks to you. She’s so hot and calm. Jane whispers to your ear – But that’s not all. Rob Zombie’s new movie is called “31”. And it’s in post-production already. We will watch it in early 2016, boy.

Orgasm! She’s kissing you and the whole world’s turned into an empathic creature feeling your happiness. This life is perfect and 2016’s gonna be even better than 2015, man.

Kiss your milf vixen Jane and take her to bed; and dance there to Rob Zombie’s songs. C’mon!

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