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You don’t wanna know me

Imagine a dark, dark night with the Moon watching you in attentive silence. You’re on an empty highway waiting for someone to appear on this creepy road. You’ve been told not to go this ways. Locals haven’t lied to you. It’s a haunted place where everything is possible. You’re drinking your beer and smoking a cigarette to calm down and feel relaxed. It won’t work, right? Your feelings are telling you – man, you’re deep in sh*t. And suddenly you see a truck on the road. It’s like a pirate ghost ship. It stops. Don’t get in, Billie, do not ever get in one of those ghost trucks! But you are getting in…

You ask guy behind the wheel – What’s your name, buddy? And he says – I’m a truck driving son of a b*tch. And he laughs showing his rotten teeth. He's laughing and driving you somewhere into the dark nowhere. He tells you stories of mad professors down in the lab, swamp witches, psychos and drunken murderers. Voodoo dolls behind your eyes make your hands tremble. All those scary stories seem to be so real! Too real to be just a fiction. Crime scenes and crazy rituals, guns and free guitars.

You see zombies on a roadside. Your driver is laughing. He is turning the music on and you hear surf sounds of horrific carnival. You say – What is this? He says – It’s a Deadbolt, Billie. A goddamn Deadbolt.

You knew it! You’ve always felt it might happen to you! One day you’re gonna hear Deadbolt – the scariest band in the world - and your life won’t ever be the same. So, this is the moment. You need more beer to keep calm looking at those zombies and witches outside.

You say – Where are we going, man? He says – To the lab, boy… - And he’s laughing again!

Down in the lab…

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