Reverend Beat-Man
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Reverend Beat-Man

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Welcome to the Church of Herpes

Something Reverend and Hot this way comes. It’s like a park of the wasted dinosaurs walking around, screaming mad songs and crashing everything on their way. Drugs, alcohol, sex, fun and dirt – all this got to be loud and sincere. Drunken dinosaurs cannot lie. They make you dance all the boredom away to their primal beats and drink gasoline to make you see the light. And you will scream “I see the Light”, and you will be grateful for this blissful dirty noise to the one and only Reverend Beat-Man.

Reverend Beat-Man is a moniker of Beat Zeller, a musician from Switzerland. Beat is also a DJ and he runs a record-label called “Voodoo Rhythm Records”. Reverend’s music is a hot combination of some freak’n’roll, pervert-blues, trashbilly and herpes beat. Sounds are stomping all over the place like nasty tyrannosaurs with beer in their stomachs and lust in their eyes. A crazy animal circus is in your town to celebrate this one-man’s insanity which cures you and gives you salvation. So, “Get on Your Knees”, ahah!

Beat-Man is responsible for many mind-blowing records, performances and gorgeous stories with kick-ass humor. It’s like a stand-up show of a music monster. Just listen to “Beat-Man Way” and new horizons of joy will appear in your life.

So I stop writing tight now! I turn on “I Belong to You”, I dress up in black, “Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!” is on the TV and Tura Satana’s dancing to the crazy beats. I drink gin and I’m ready to meet my Special Someone to make love and art right now. Yeah!  

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