Singapore Sling
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Singapore Sling

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Dizzy riffs are trying to glue another raining cold night. The night doesn’t need all this but it feels music makes her relax. Dirty guitars are spitting on a pavement in “Dirty Water”. Neon lights are rushing into the apartments and start dancing on the walls in a ritual frenzy. Lovers are kissing and laughing. Sounds “Twisted and Sick”? Well, maybe, but it’s alright. This is Singapore Sling.

Singapore Sling is an Icelandic band from Reykjavik. They play dirty rock making you walk and talk like a hungry animal in search of drinks, love and something inexpressible but needing to be told. But at the same time their sound makes you relax and slow down for a while. Psychedelia, ceremonies and a drunken laziness in a dark motel room. It all lives together in their music, somehow. I think it’d have been really interesting if these guys were painters. Their music does breed opium visions in empty glasses with traces of cheap wine. Those paintings are fascinating!

Something familiar and even native dwells in this jokingly mad, drunk and sexy world called Singapore Sling. Henrik Bjornsson’s voice is like a special lullaby-instrument, a mechanism you’ve known since childhood, so when Henrik sings it’s like a déjà vu. You know all this and you love it. Even if you listen to this band for the first time it seems they’ve always been here: in your head, under your skin.

Singapore Sling’s noisy reverbed music crawls into you and makes your life turn into a movie with a soundtrack composed by a kind and sly shaman. And please, don’t think about the cocktail. Singapore Sling is a film – rare and weird just like these Icelandic magicians. There is no other Singapore Sling in this world.

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