Weezer (White Album)
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Weezer Do You Wanna Get High?

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This week, alternative rock legends Weezer released their new single entitled “Do You Want to Get High”. The song was supposedly written about a night in which the lead singer Rivers Cuomo had a girl propose to him that they do drugs she scored on a roadtrip to Mexico.

The song resembles the bands iconic album. Demonstrating a bass heavy, crunchy guitar tone and 90s themed lyrics, this track sounds like it could have been taken directly from that era. Using a more minimalistic production approach, this track makes it easy to get your head nodding along with the music. The catchy lead guitar melodies steal the show for me. Like most Weezer songs, the rhythm and lead guitar work together very nicely to create a robust and full guitar sound. Pinkerton "We don't have a record deal anymore so we're kind of on the loose and experimenting and nobody's in charge anymore," Cuomo said. "We're just doing what we want to do." He also stated that the band however is not currently working on a new album. So for now, just enjoy the video below and let’s all hope for some new music from our favorite nerd rockers soon.

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