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Now here is a band from Denmark, whose self-titled album was arguably the best noise rock album of 2014. Not only in Denmark. In the World. Here is a band who can even - with certain reservations of course - be compared to the all-mighty noise rock legends Brainbombs. I mean they pretty much have it all there. The heavy monotonous repetitive riffs and the screaming saxophone that come best apparent in the no-nonsense repetitive mantra-like dark wonderland of ''Truckstop Prostitute'', topped by a frenzied psyched out guitar solo. What an acid soaked truckstop it was.

Narcosatanicos don't however only settle with repetitive krauty riffs in the vein of Brainbombs, but have a whole other psychedelic dimension to their music. Halluzinationsrausch packs a mix of psychedelic rock jamming and Aluk Todolo-like krauty black metal repetition with some insane distorted guitar and saxophone jamming. The kind of intense improvisational jamming similar to Fire!. Yes you heared me right. The track and Narcosatanicos in general feels like a bad trip at a truckstop. In a thoroughly enjoyable heavy psychedelic noise rock kind of way. With some free jazz thrown in to the mix. If you know what I mean? This band certainly doesnt remove halluzinations, but produces them. These guys surely take the most our of their truckstops.

All in all both the Gutter Island EP and their latest self-titled album are both some fine noise-rock albums that people who dig Brainbombs, Unsane, Cherubs, Aluk Todolo, Fire! and the likes should completely enjoy. Some heavy pscyhedelic noise rock served with free jazz in a gutter near a truckstop. Great for people who are both searching for some repetitive krauty noise rock, as well as for those who value the more psychedelic and fuzz-laden guitar aspect of their noise rock.

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