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Messages and stories in a bottle by Sting

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This English mind blowing musician definitely deserves our attention! This is the guy that sold more than 100 million albums and earned 16 Grammy Awards and before I wrote the “messages and stories in a bottle” let me give you a little intro for this gentleman.

He was born in Newcastle in “a shadow of a shipyard where some of the largest vessels ever constructed on planet Earth were built” (as he said in his TED speech). He was born in a working class family but he found his way out from that industrial landscape by playing an instrument at the age of 8, a cheap old Spanish acoustic guitar from where everything started.

He started his career at age of 20 (1971) playing jazz with the Phoenix Jazzmen, Newcastle Big Band, and Last Exit as a electric bass guitarist and backup vocals. Sting first rose to fame as part of the legendary rock group The Police in the 1970s and '80s. He was a front man of the group, later making a name for himself as a successful solo artist. And now the messages and stories:

His real birth name is Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner,but He earned the nickname “Sting” because of a a black & yellow sweater he wore that made him look like a Bee. His stage name Sting was given from the former bassist-singer of New Wave rockers the Police in his pre fame days.

Started from a son of a milk man, he rises to Royalty on his own way – With a lot of hard work and effort, luck and of course his exceptional talent.

Sting decided to Leave the Police in 1983 because he felt that they had peaked. He decided to leave the Police in 1983 because he felt they had peaked. This happened after the band performed at Shea Stadium in 1983. He named the performance as “Everest”, he was convinced they would never achieve anything bigger or greater than that.

Even the biggest composers and talents lose their inspiration – Yes indeed it has happened to Sting too, having won many Grammy awards and having built a successful career, he lost inspiration in his late period of his career. He got into a tough writer’s block that lasted for years then Sting found himself channeling the stories of the shipyard workers he knew in his youth for song material.He gained inspiration from the hardships and tough times he had gone through producing a number of beautiful works. He commented that after he started working on “The last Ship” (2013, Musical with music and lyrics) he revealed more about himself than he ever intended.

In one interview Sting says that he doesn’t have any regrets because we are what we have done till this present moment

One of my favorite Sting quote is “Whether you are a rock star, whether you are a welder in a shipyard or tribesman in Amazon, or the queen of England at the end of the day we are all on the same boat” – I really liked this quote, we must value ourselves and believe in our visions, believe in yourself, believe in a better future.