My Love Is Cool
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Ecstasy Rock

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Right in the middle of this year, we have got one of the strongest debut albums. We will have to wait and see what the last quarter is about to bring, but no matter which releases come out, My Love Is Cool will remain a tiny masterpiece.

Even though the name sounds like it belongs to a solo artist, Wolf Alice is a band from London, named after Angela Carter’s short story. It is very suggestive – dark music with the light at the end of the tunnel. Wolf Alice are the real deal, a glitter in alternative murk. Their biggest influence is PJ Harvey but they are not stopping there. Spreading from folk to grunge, even Bjork’s and The xx fans won’t stay indifferent. Dispersion of influences magically turned them into the most hyped band of the year.

My Love Is Cool is a very sure and divergent debut. Some artists never reach this level of maturity in their creative process, while Wolf Alice managed to achieve the perfect juncture of melodies, vocals, choruses, wild and acoustic guitars. Opening track Turn To Dust invites us to ethereal journey. It sounds like Joanna Newsom and PJ Harvey are our fellow travelers, persuading us to take folk ecstasy.

Single Bros reminded me of Haim. Your Loves Whore has very interesting guitar sections balancing from chill tones to the ones that sound really grungy. II was completely mesmerized at the beginning at the album and the best was yet to come. Newest single You’re a Germ owes a lot to Nirvana, The Hole and The Distillers. Another stream of energy comes with Lisbon.

It was clear to me that I entered the zone of anticipating the climax. Contrary to my state of mind, the song called Silk has taken me to The xx and Radiohead. Although, I was a little bit bored with Coldplay vibe at the end of the track. Giant Peach and acoustic Swallowtail are solid numbers.

Wolf Alice sounds like the next big thing that could overthrone Florence + The Machine. Maybe it is too optimistic to predict this scenario but I am confident enough that, If they continue rocking like this, sky is the limit.


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