The Dead Weather
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The Dead Weather Dodge and Burn Album Review

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Jack White enthusiasts rejoice, may just become your new go-to album. On September 25, 2015 super group The Dead Weather, released their long awaited 3rd album. The 4 piece garage rock band, includes members from other highly acclaimed rock bands including the White Stripes, The Raconteurs, Queens of the Stone Age, and The Kills. Dodge and Burn


is a unique, adventurous listen that shows heavy influence from the members past projects. The first track “I Feel Love (Every Million Miles)” sounds like it could be a track straight off a Queens of the Stone Age album. Raw, distorted guitars kick off the album into a groovy, blues-laced verses. Throughout the entire album, you get a mysterious, minimalistic lyrical style which will leave you guessing what vocalist Alison Mosshart is trying to tell you. You also hear all 4 band members sing at least one song at some point throughout the collection.Dodge and Burn


“What does the black top know that I have not cracked with my mind

Nothing is a color

Gray as the pill

Deep in the eye

Why do the street lamp shine on still

When nothing is alive”

Lyrics from “I Feel Love (Every Million Miles)”


Something I really enjoyed about was the interesting, experimental drum choices that drummer Jack White chose. In tracks like “Lose the Right” you’ll hear a echoed, reggae sounding drum kit and then hear a softer, jazzy sounding kit in the next track “Rough Detective”. I thought this really solidified the overall unusual feel of this album. Dodge and Burn

I found to be a energizing and organic listen. The Dead Weather push the boundaries of genre identification and make it easy to appreciate their musicianship in each song. My recommendation is throw on some headphones, and give it a try. The Dead Weather may not be for everyone, but I’d say it definitely worth the listen.Dodge and BurnDodge and Burn 


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