Dodge and Burn
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Jack White's Dirty Gothic Blues

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From all Jack White’s project, it seems to me that The Dead Weather has the most freedom and maybe that is its main problem. Horehound and Sea Of Cowards were solid albums. I really liked the Led Zeppelin vibe. The new album also has that sound - dirty gothic blues with unusual vocal solutions.

            When it comes to vocals, I have noticed that Alison Mosshart had a big task time time. She dominates on Dodge and Burn, giving it a slightly different glaze. Anyhow, when Jack White comes along, sometimes I couldn’t hear the differense because they have similar timbre.

            Dodge and Burn is album that lacks expressive songs. Two years ago, the band has presented the track called Open Up (That’s Enough) and, in my opinion, it is the best track on the album. They have managed to showcase their creative freedom and inexhaustable inspiration without any barriers. The rest of the album is, unfortunately, not like that and I had a feeling like they were desperetely trying to force the similar effect.

            Opening track I Feel Love (Every Million Miles) is an allright album introduction. I felt everything that they wanted to say with this album, while Buzzkill(er) stands somewhere between The White Stripes and The Kills (mother bands of the two singers).

            The biggest surprise of the album comes at the end. After series of uniformed songs that are difficult to discern comes song called Impossible Winner that is completely oposite from everything else on the record. It is a piano ballade that reminded me of ABBA, something that no one could expect from garage rockers.

            Dodge and Burn stopped where his predecessors told him to go. It is another solid album that will help Jack White get in a spotlight again. In my opinion, this is not the best work, neither of The Dead Weather, nor The White Stripes and The Kills.

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