I Cry When I Laugh
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Anthony helped Jess getting back Home

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Young and still fresh neverening Pop craze, lovely female vocal Jess Glynne decided to update her single "Take Me Home" , part of the August release album "I Cry When I Laugh" and turn it into a lovely R`n`B ballad taking a R`n`B king as her quarterback, one of the undesputedly finest male vocals of this soulful black music, Mr. Anthony Hamilton. A string/piano driven slow tune signals the emotional, but strong and courageous attention of the main theme, which Jess covered lovely, in a trembling voice, creating a perfect match to the same Hamilton signature approach.

Jess Glynne

It`s deep, self-consuming from the start, the updated version sounds even more powerful than the original and brings the simple answers, to a simple not so easy questions of life... The musical tension between the two, creates a delightful spread of the duo`s combined energy and their mutual chemistry. Jess and Anthony teach about true love that can turn everything bad upside-down and take the hurt side back to a place where the soul feels most comfortable at. That`s why the metaphor "Home" flying in the air for so long in the chorus. 

If you missed out on Hamilton`s last year`s Christmas album "Home For The Holidays", his first holiday album edition, and sixth studio one, now will be the perfect time to fill in the empty spot among your holiday`s album collection and stay fully preppared for them upcoming ones, ending this wonderful year in big style. Both artist`s studio projects can be found on iTunes at the following links here: "I Cry When I Laugh" -  ; "Home For The Holidays" - 

I Cry When I Laugh

No matter whether you`ll be home, or trying to find your personal synonym of one, you should unquestionably hold on to the holiday mood where ever your aspirations take you, just make sure, you pack with a good amount of this quality like music...