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Cool Groove Hotline Bling

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Almost all have heard it, and many love it! R&B music is one of the most listened genres especially of today’s pop culture. With its rhythm, it gives everybody the groove and not to forget, the one they love the most, the beautiful feel of R&B. Its slow, sounds pillowing to the ears and the relaxing rhythm add a sensual aspect to it. Everyone is getting hooked with R&B, and to mention the drive it gives to its listeners, especially the ones with affection to others. A romantic night with sexy music, well, that is certainly not a bad idea.

When talking about R&B, its lovers and pre-lovers surely and must recognize the Canadian rapper, Drake. Aubrey Drake Graham is a singer, songwriter and also an actor. Man, this guy is multi-talented! Pin-pointing one of his talents, his music artistry was first recognized when the guy from Ontario started rapping his way into several mix tapes. Later on, his rapping prominence took a step further when he signed with Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment back in ’09.

Proving his emerging dominance on the hip- hop and R&B scenes, he just surpassed any of his fellow artists on that genre, beating them with twelve number one singles on Billboard’s Hot Rap Songs. He also is a Grammy Award winner, and many several music awards. That’s some work there boy!

This 2015, Drake is having his way on top… again, with his newly released single “Hotline Bling”. It was digitally released last 31st of July of this year and produced in collaboration with nineteen85. It’s cool rhythm has already caught fire reaching the second spot on the Billboard Hot 100. The song’s lyrics alongside its beat and rhythm are just so sensual every listener would want to slide the room grooving with this, ya’ll know what’s next. It’s not too profound and in fact easy to understand. Clearly, Drake knows that there’s one person who’ll call him, and he knows what she wants… love, let’s not exaggerate it though. His phone is his hotline and bling is its sound, and the caller, you know what the caller wants.

It’s too good and sensual even Sam Smith, alongside Disclosure covered this song. Sam Smith singing “Hotline Bling” definitely adds another dimension and passion to the song.

Groove in and show off those smooth moves with Drake’s “Hotline Bling”.

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