In My Feelings
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Trevor braved us up with Like I Do

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After willingly fallin so deep in eclipse of Trevor`s spectacular album project "In My Feelings", I instantly emotionally attached to this one particular song called "Like I Do" and just grabbed it by every percent of my impression. Now the dope soft notes are here in visual content, as Trevor Jackson, a young R`n`B star, pushed up the official video for it. 

Trevor Jackson-In My Feelings

In my first impression, I imagined him opening his heart to some special girl and created a firm candid of a love song. But, even though it surely started like one, as Trevor stated him self, it emerged into something much more powerful and bigger then that. Jackson picked up on the idea of creating something for the world, not just a typical love poem, but a joint that will be rolled in a global message of love, courage, and bravery, a anti-terror message of support.


Touching his personal family things, singer presented a short life cuts of his cousin Randon, and his fight with the Deamons, the cruelty of the circumstances they are living in, being a young basketball star and ending up with a bullet in his leg, to getting back up and moving on. And he also made a special dedication to other cousin Mark (Prob) Cotton, who had been called over too soon, getting shot and killed on November 12, roughly a month ago, at his 13. 

I`m glad that Trevor decided to switch the game up and create this kind of piece of art, because this is something that it much needed at this very tough moments for the global stance and awareness in all. Take a couple of notes from Trevor`s lesson and do it just like he do.