Lyrica Anderson
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Lyrica answers back!

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The woman behind the golden fame pen. She writes for Bey, Tinashe, Jason Derulo, J Hud to name a few, and if that does not impress you, then her platinum voice sure will. Dropping two God pleasing albums "King Me" and later "King Me 2", this girl made each and every black music lover 100% proud.



Now after seeing what she does on paper, in the studio and in front of the acoustic mic, there is not much left to say than that it`s a pure amazement to follow Lyrica`s creations, as they cannot only serve as the medicine for ears, but can give a listener a deeper feeling that can be used in further inspiration, whether you define your self as a true fan, a side watch observer or a fellow artist. 

A flexible heair style songstress kidnaped our addiction with hits like "Freakin", "Unfuck You" and recent RnBass anthem "Hashtag", and now she`s back,  responding to our eagerness for more, with R`n`B message ballad "Hello", talking about wrong emotions in relationship and taking chances and asking for a head in the game/real act or braking out of the already shattered unfaithful love glass... 



No need to mention the power of the lyrics and message here, it`s a classic Lyrica signature, so go ahead and preview the single on the YouTube link below and support the Golden tounge diva by buying her art. Let the love do it`s work.


Lyrica Anderson "Hello" single:

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