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Lyrica Anderson: freakin` Hello!

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Lyrica King Me Lyrica King Me 2

About freakin` time for the debut work of art from this amazing gal, after nothing but success with writing for the biggest industry names, and her own music mixtape projects "King Me" and "King Me 2", she finally snatched the crown that she fully deserves and got herself tucked into a cosy golden embroidered Queen chair oozing in sexiness, going with a little bit of dirty bad girl look, showing the most in her "Panties", the 4th out of 12 album`s singles. 

The album it`s self is a downtempo R`n`B studio patent, constructed of different moods in diferent relationship situations, mostly accented on the negative side of a same relation looking to emphasize on the waking up of her man, to get more respect, more true feelings and romantic love affections. In the "From Scratch" jam, she talks about giving love a chance by starting from the begining, and defining the romantic gestures both sides should be working on to maintain the fire. 

What`s new in this craft is that Lyrica really made an effort of presenting this album in the best possible way, molding "Hello" into a partial collaborative model, teaming up with fams like Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, Kash Doll, The Game, YG and Problem, making this a piece which will stand out impressively on the long road of victory. Beside recently released album teaser and primer, "Hello"  for which she also released an official video, we also got introduced by a collab gem "Buzzin" featuring The Game and YG, where Lyrica did a wonderful thing with hook part, interpreting the old school hit "Too Close", from the 90s group Next, respectfully proving she cares about music history and not only takling what`s suppost to be a matter of today and now, because if you don`t know your roots, you can`t be a blooming flower. 

A true OG lady, Lyrica Anderson is a all-in-one artist, that can track down any genre, any feel and memory and turn it into a perfect impression, that will be marked deep under your skin and you won`t be able to resist it easily, if even at all. Her sensitive, but full of temper "don`t mess with me" voice, actionable determination of character and soft soul gives away a blessing in music compartment and so should be treated nothing less but in that same order.

Released by Empire record company, and as Lyrica promised us, the album is available for purchase from today on most popular music online store Apple`s iTunes here -> https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/hello/id1050362792, so you can grab it there, but in case you missed it, here is also a link to official "Hello" video, so you get the full pleasure: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgDzuKPhPPc


Now, lay back, feet on the couch, with headphones on your ears and say Hello to this beautiful day! 

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