Merry Christmas
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What We Still Want for Christmas

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Yup, we've heard about it. The song that ruled over all Christmas tunes streaming into our ears as we go holiday shopping for the last 20 years has been dethroned. How can that even be possible? All I Want for Christmas is You is what we still want to hear played over and over again this season.  But hey, when we think about it two decades is quite a long time really. 

The song is unmistakably a perfect Christamas song. You have beautiful vocals, of course, and the music rich with Christmas flourishes: the sound of bells, the lively beat and yes, the longing we all understand for someone we love to be with us during one special season. There's so much reason for that song to rule the charts and our hearts each time Christmas comes around. 

The curious among us must have found out by now that this song was also inspired by the diva's romantic journey with her then husband, Tommy Mottola. That the popularity and staying power of this song has even outlived their marriage proves to us that the message, the simple longing in this song is timeless and yes, universal. 

And so while this song now ranks 2nd in the season's collective Christmas playlist for shoppers, it doesn't really mean people have forgotten it. It still stays there really. As long as there is Christmas, as long as we prefer our loved one over all the other Christmas trimmings then this song will retain its own space in our hearts.