Amy Grant Christmas
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Needing That Silent Night

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Fourteen evenings from now and it will be Christmas eve. And my search for Christmas songs to play for the season continues. While doing so, I came across Amy Grant's 2008 album The Christmas Collection.

Among the 18 tracks in this album, my listening ear and heart were both captured by Amy Grant's I Need a Silent Night, the 3rd one in this album. The beat of the song is easy to listen to but I admit that it is the lyrics, the message of the song that did it for me.

I don't know about you but I need that silent night for myself that she also sings about in this song. Well, in fact, not just during all the buzz and busyness of the Christmas season but in specific times during my usual week. There can be too much of life sometimes. Chaos, concerns and challenges are realities I face from time to time. But then that's me. Perhaps this is just true for me and not for the rest of humanity. But if it's something you could relate with, you might just begin to hum along with this song at this time of the year, at this time of your life. 

December comes then disappearsFaster and faster every yearDid my own mother keep this paceOr was the world a different place?

These lines from the song's 4th stanza are a reality today. If I may say so, it is even truer now. It seems like the year was just beginning and here comes December. We face both the joy and the unique demands of the season.

As Grant sings the song's chorus of needing a silent, holy night and desiring a midnight clear and a little peace (words which are actually a play of actual Christmas songs we are familiar with), she also mentions about the Savior being born who is also called as Prince of Peace. And it somehow connects as you listen and sing along to the song. The true source of that silent, peaceful night she so desires is really this Savior who was born one Christmas eve. And this gives you and me one good reason to be thankful for the season.