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Zara Larsson uncovers her lush life

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When you hear the song “Lush Life”, you can’t deny you’re thinking you’re listening to a new Rihanna song. It’s in the pronunciation and tone of voice. The only reason I knew it wasn’t Rihanna was because the overall concept of the song is weaker, than I would expect from Rihanna at this stage in her career. The lyrics are a little too sweet, I think, for Rihanna.

But, still, only hearing the song , I had pictured the singer to be like a Rihanna lookalike. Zara Larsson did not meet that expectation of all.

In the video, she looks like she’s the white blond girl, that could be living next door to you. A bit shy even. She doesn’t have an outspoken fashion style or look. And it actually looks like she’s just kind of dancing on her own a little bit, but even that, shows no sign of a great dancer inside her.

Her greatest asset is most definitely her voice, which won her Sweden’s Got Talent in 2008 at age 10! Now, at age 17, she’s already a star in her own country, and she’s now taking over the rest of the world.

With “Lush Life” she has started expanding her success across Europe, already hitting the charts in various countries. And she’s also set her sights on a US breakthrough, with the release of an EP there.

As a singer, she’s versatile. While, songs like “Uncover” and “Carry You Home” all show a continuation of a Rihanna influence in the use of her voice, she shows she can adapt pretty easy on this EDM track, which is simultaneously soaring charts with “Lush Life”:

I have no doubt, this girl is headed for a long career in music. Sweden has always provided us with incredible pop music and Swedish singers, like Robyn, have enjoyed international success for years.

You can tell, in the "Lush Life" video, she's still young and needs to grow in her role as an artist, but some pictures and some of her social media posts, show there's an edgy side to her too. I think she's got it, if given the chance to run with it. I also think she has the skillset to keep success going, but she does have to shake the Rihanna sound. Everyone is noticing it, from fans to press. It will be very interesting to watch where this is going. Which side to Zara will uncover in time?