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A modern twist on James Brown

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I could’ve never predicted the trend.  When Jason Derulo released “Trumpets” in 2013, he unleashed a sound that could best be described as a duet between an instrument and vocal.

It’s been repeated a few times since. He, himself, did it again with “Wiggle and then Fifth Harmony (“Worth It”) and Hillary Duff (“Sparks”) followed up. And now, there’s Fleur East with her second single.

“Sax” has the same song structure. A few lines of singing, gets interrupted with a few musical breaks, which yes, are filled with a prominent saxophone.

However, that’s exactly where my comparison ends, because Fleur’s track doesn´t appear to have gotten inspired by Jason Derulo at all. In fact, there’s only one influence that comes to mind, which get confirmed in her lyrics: James Brown.

Yep, the Godfather of Soul has found his way to a new generation, because “Sax” contains all the trades of a good pop song today without losing the obvious link to James Brown´s musical legacy. It´s just updated.

I know she was discovered on UK’s X Factor, but seeing her, I can’t help but wonder why she couldn’t make it on her own. She seems to have the full package, the big hair, the moves, the voice and killer abs, but doing a little research clears up the mystery.

She did the show twice. In 2005 she entered the show and ended up in a girl group with no great success, so 9 years later, she entered the talent show again. This time, she came prepared and knocked the competition until she, herself, got knocked out during the finals by Ben Haenow (who I’ve blogged about before).

This time, she appears to be doing better as an artist. “Saw” was actually released on November 6th, and has already charted, but the official video was only uploaded to YouTube recently. The single was held off the top of the charts by new singles of Adele and Justin Bieber. No one could compete with that, so that should be considered as an honor, I suppose.

This week she plans to release her debut album.