The Original High
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Getting High on Generic Tunes?

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We are often seeing how talent shows give birth to stars revolving around pop and pop-rock genre. Adam Lambert is a perfect example for it. After being a contestant on American Idol and releasing his debut album For Your Entertainment in 2009, he became a pop star. Not a superstar, but a regular star. His vocal range is amazing, with a falsetto that reminiscent Freddie Mercury. He is a diligent guy so this is his third album. Influences are well known – David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin and they are all in pop matrix with just a sprinkle of glam rock, electronic and dance music. Overall, Adam is a pop vocalist and his dedication to pop brought him a certain success. Eccentric appearance and mature attitude makes him special.

Besides vocal, fashion component is very noticeable. Adam pays a lot attention to his visual expression in order to stand out from the mass. Rock chic proves he is not just a pop musician. He can go a lot further If he wanted to. Still, this album is a straight pop story.

Powerhouse vocal is definitely in the first plan. Songs are not high quality, everything is full of I need you, you need me ballades and corny lyrics. Obviously, the audience want it. Most tracks yell how this boy is still searching for himself but he is not lost. Lambert is fully conscious. Too bad lyrics are such a cliché. Opening track Ghost Town is ballade where his voice kicks ass. There I Said It reminded me of The Darkness and it is maybe the best thing on the album. Duet with Brian Mayo is another good track that I could even consider putting on my playlist.

At the end of the album, there are only ballades which, in my opinion, is a big mistake because his vocal can pull of more powerful songs. There are no powerful songs here. Maybe few choruses here and there. These Boys is a playful closing track. Maybe the album would be more convincing If there were more numbers like this.

The Original High is an ok generic pop release. Nothing more. It does not take you high. It does not make you high.

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