The Original High (Deluxe Version)
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Strut it Mr. Adam Lambert

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Now, I've actually missed his American Idol-rise to fame, so my first introduction of Adam Lambert was hearing him on the radio singing to me - in frustration - "Whataya Want From Me?" I was sold. Loved it.


In his music, Adam Lambert sounds like he's every bit of himself. The more I learn about his history, playing in musicals one moment and fronting a rock band in another, the more his music seems to make to sense.


It seems to complete the picture. There's always a bit of drama in his lyrics, a bit of being a “showman” in his vocal delivery and a complete unpredictabilty in the type of music he'll do.


To me it was no surprise at all that he was asked to tour with Queen. In a way, he is a lot like Freddy Mercury and from what I've heard and seen, he went down very well with Queen fans during the tour.


But now he's returned to his own career. His album, “The Original High”, debuted at number 3 in the US Billboard charts and the first single from the album “Ghost Town” has been streamed over 100 million times.


“Ghost Town” already showed a clear switch to dance. Adam Lambert has always played with an influence of dance and electronic music mixed into a (sometimes glam)rock sound, but it's never been this prominent before.


The new song, “Another Lonely Night”, continues with this sound. This song, like “Ghost Town” also tents to slow down and speed up, and yes, it's just as catchy.


I liked the song right from the first listen. But the video did have to grow on me.


When the video started, I was thinking something must have gone wrong with the story line. Adam Lambert is openly gay, and for a moment it looked like there was a hint of a love story between him and a woman.


But, as the video progressed, it became more clear to me, that it was showing various types of loneliness an artist or entertainer can experience after their performance is over.


It has been said many times, that there's a huge contrast between the intense love an artist feels on-stage, when the fans are screaming out their names, and the deep dark black hole of their empty, quiet and lonely hotel room.


It takes a lot of character to deal with that if that's your daily life, but don't take my word for it. Let Mr. Lambert explain it to you.

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