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One Direction: “Nobody” Can Drag Me Down

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Love is a powerful element in a man’s life. This rhythmic pop song, sung by the popular British-Irish boy band “One Direction”, is a great hit among girls worldwide. It tells us about boys expressing how the girls they admire inspire them to be stronger than they were before. This inspiration causes the boys think that nobody can drag them down to despair because they always think of the situations that involve the girls directly or indirectly supporting them in their lives.

This also shows that some boys “got fire for a heart”, so they have passion for their girlfriends nowadays. However, this is not true for most among them. Some of them are committed but some of them think of this as a game. As the song says, “If I didn’t have you, there would be nothing left,” this speaks of the loneliness the boys have if those girls that strengthen them had not helped them with their problems. The song also tells us that “If I didn’t have you, I’d never see the sun,” which means that the boys wouldn’t have enjoyed their lives if those girls were not with them. The line “All these lights, they can’t blind me” refers to the boldness of the boys being inspired, standing unfazed before their problems.

Girlfriends aside, there are also women that keep people going. Without their help, they wouldn’t have passed through many problems in their lives. Even though this song is mainly about boys inspired by the girls they are close with, one can interpret this in a way that is not always about young lovers and stuff, because the song itself flows of inspiration. It can be about family relationships between opposite genders, like husband and wife. Most may believe that committed men absolutely love their spouses. Once can be sure that most people are inspired by their parents, especially their mothers. They do the things they need to do for their children in order for them to grow up right. These are examples of inspiration that can be derived from the song.

I believe that it is natural that men cannot live without women, because they are the ones who keep them alive.