Katy Perry
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The new It girl

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No doubt that you have heard Katy Perry is the best paid female pop star around today. This year she has earned the most of her money on her Prismatic World Tour, but also her endorsement deals with cosmetic companies have been providing her with some nice additional pocket money.  Forbes magazine crunched the numbers and have estimated she has earned $135 million this year!

But, the year is not even over yet and Katy Perry’s next endorsement deal is just starting.

Her Christmas campaign for H&M has just kicked off today. Katy models the H&M Christmas collection and the first pictures of the campaign have been shared by the popular brand. Alongside, she’s recorded “Every day is a holiday” (which she could afford to make true for the rest of her life) to accompany the campaign. A song especially written for a commercial, which will have its first showing in full on November 23rd.

So, with a Christmas song, the release of a DVD of her world tour and the H&M campaign, a nice little Christmas bonus is still coming. But, it’s not all about the money of course.

Katy Perry’s come a long way from doing Christian music under her real name Kate Hudson to creating her Katy Perry persona. In her autobiographic movie documentary “Katy Perry: Part Of Me” friends talk highly of her focus and the vision she had to create the pop star we know today. And in contradiction to other pop stars, she shows no sign of it being an act that she struggles with or it being an act at all. What you see, really appears to be part of her.

It’s the authenticity of her that might be the thing that appeals to the masses, probably as much as the colorful looks she creates would attract the young girls to her and the sexy undertone that labeled her a “full-on male fantasy” (GQ) that attracts the men. She’s a little bit of rock, folk and pop in her vocals, and mixes all those styles musically with a variation of hip hop sometimes (for instance on “Dark Horse”).

The influence of Alanis Morissette’s honesty from her breakthrough era, is the reason why Katy stays as true to herself as possible, while her constant playing around with her image and her larger than life concerts, stem from Madonna and Freddy Mercury, in combination with the modern day demands on entertainers to keep coming up with ways to stay relevant anyway. After all, you are as good as your last hit.

Either way, we are all watching what she will do next year. The Primastic World Tour ended last month and, I bet, soon, rumors will pop up about a new album, so she can do it all again.

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