Never Been Better (Expanded Edition)
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New Olly Murs Track: Hit or Miss?

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English Singer/Songwriter Olly Murs just go back on the radar with his brand of bouncy pop and this time it's a brand new track called "Kiss Me". The single is intended to mark the re-release of his 2014 album "Never Been Better" and is already up on iTunes while the album is expected to be available to us by late November.


Now talking about the track, the first thing adjectives that come to my mind is "extremely chill". The song has a laid back vibe to it and the with bright loopy samples thrown in, that makes it catchy. Murs has written this song with a variety of artists collaborating with him, from Zacharie Raymond to Taio Cruz. The lyrics are very quintessential pop, I felt there was nothing new to them but definitely saleable as good old commercial pop. Overall this song is great to put on a loop while you're driving or doing your chores and just forgetting about the fact that you had actually put it on loop there. The video is chill too, something you cannot intrinsically hate and I guess it does grow on you at some point. It’s like a cross between a teeny bopper video, sunshine and marshmallows married with a sexy undertone. Director Gabe Turner has done a decent job there.

So here’s the thing when it comes to a hit or a miss – Overall the song is pretty decent, but that’s just as far as it goes. My point is Olly is at a point in his career where he needs to starts pushing his bar. For one, the song lacks a flow; it just floats there in mid air without progressing. There aren’t any highs and lows to it even when it gets to the bridge and you can never tell the difference when you have put it on loop. That just makes it fall flat and it fails to excite. Brit Pop has been the riot lately and it seems as though Olly has been producing decent tracks but quite not catching up to his contemporaries. He’s stuck somewhere between Sam Smith and One Direction and somehow that doesn’t seem a good place to be at. He needs to make something “memorable”, rather than another good track that could get lost in the sea of releases by next month.

Therefore, I’ll put it out there straight – “Kiss Me” is definitely not a miss for me, but it also doesn’t go high enough to touch “hit”. I think this song is going to be our jam for sometime in all its foot-tapping glory, and then it is inevitably going to fade out, like “Wrapped Up” or “Dance With Me Tonight” did. So my advice it enjoy it while it lasts, and take a listen

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