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Today is a P!nk Day

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I'm a say it. Today is a P!nk day.

While rumors have been popping up everywhere about her being busy recording a new album, she's been mums the word about that. But, it is a fact that she has recorded the new theme tune for The Ellen DeGeneres Show. It's her first new music in three years.

The track is called 'Today's The Day' and has not only been released digitally, but has also been hitting the radio stations. I'm very happy about that, because in all honesty, who can resist a personal anthem like this song anyway?!

Yes, I have to admit that I've been singing along to this song in the car for about a week now. The track itself sounds like, well, a typical P!nk song. It balances on the verge of rock and pop music, but more importantly, has those clever and honest lyrics, only she can deliver well.

Once started as an R&B singer with pink hair, she has since sold over 136 million records world wide (singles and albums combined), mainly with a combination of rock, pop and a little bit of R&B and dance music.

And if you can, you should check her out live as well. If you thought that performance at the Grammy awards, in which she performs hanging from ropes, was a one time thing, you have it all wrong. Expect the unexpected.

You have to remember, that this woman is gutsy and bold. She will always do things differently from the rest. Though it has recently been reported that she now sees herself as an “aging” pop star, I still think she has a few surprises up her sleeves for us. She's definitely surprised a group of people recently, by not only performing for their charity, but also


And did you know she even inspired a musical? Her music will be . The story is not about P!nk nor her life. The play will just draw from her music catalog. Even though P!nk is not involved in this, she does know about the project, but she herself is still .featured in the musical True Love


To keep us busy while we have to wait for new music, P!nk will release a collectable box set of all her albums released on October 23rd and only available as a limited edition. All together, over 80 tracks for us to listen to. As said, I will have me some P!nk days.

Here's the official audio for her track “Today's The Day”.


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