Kari Jobe
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Kari Jobe Can Move You to be Still

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While there are songs that capture your heart the very first time you hear them, there are also songs that you just grow to love over a period of time.

When I first heard Kari Jobe’s Be Still My Soul (In You I Rest) two years ago, I literally stop what I was doing and just allowed myself to soak in the song. The lyrics of the song and the voice behind it were just perfectly powerful together. The effect was that the song “moved me to be still.”

To date, Kari Jobe’s self-titled album released in 2010 is still my favorite among her albums. Too many of the songs in that album have an effect on me like her song Be Still My Soul (In You I Rest). Just to name my top 3 favorites in that album: Sweep Me Away, My Beloved and You Are For Me.  And as of last month, this truly gifted American contemporary Christian music singer and songwriter has released her latest album: Majestic (Revisited).

Majetic (Revisited) contains 13 songs which are actually the same 13 songs that were in Kari Jobe’s Majestic album released just last year. If you compare the 2 albums though you will notice that the order of the 13 songs in the Majestic (Revisited) album is not the same as that of the first Majestic album. I Am Not Alone and Look Upon The Lord remain as my top two favorites in both albums.

My own impression is that Kari Jobe is in her best element when she sings songs that are slow in tempo. These are the ones that can quietly yet strongly grab our attention, our senses and lead us to knowing more about the God she worships (Kari Jobe is also a worship pastor at Gateway Church, Texas). Yet I would say that her other songs particularly those in the recently released Majestic (Revisited) album are also of the kind that we could eventually grow to love.

I am not surprised that Kari Jobe has one Grammy Award nomination as well as three Dove Award nominations, two of which she won even back then in 2009 for her 1st album. Her voice and her songs, to me, have that undeniable quality of either holding your attention here and now or being unobtrusively sown into your system until you just realize on a particular day that her song has become one you can almost call your own. And somehow, she has then again moved you to be still.    

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