All I Need (Deluxe Version)
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Brit-Pop at its finest

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Despite her sophomore album being pushed back to a February release, Foxes has just released its second official single, Better Love.


It’s a classic Foxes sound – floaty yet sturdy vocals, a strong piano backing, and a thumping bass to keep everything in check. This time she’s added the co-writer’s vocals into the mix, Dan Smith, otherwise known as the lead singer of band Bastille. This is Brit-Pop at its finest.


She sings of a relationship that’s breaking down, where she’s desperate to leave but can’t bring herself to let it all go just yet. She repeatedly sings “show me love” during the middle break, a haunting trill in middle of the main composition, and the hook before the chorus features variations on “and it’s haunting me, these feet of mine, won’t let me march away”. Foxes wants to leave this relationship but something else is constantly pulling her back, and she’s striving to at least make it better.


A more emotional release than her previous single “Body Talk” and it’s one that is set to take over the radio stations this Autumn. If this is the start of things to come from sophomore album “All I Need” then bring on February, because 2016 looks set to be the year of the Fox.


Watch the music video for Better Love below:


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