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A modern blast from the past

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You would be forgiven for thinking that you had pressed play on an 80s disco album, or the soundtrack for ‘Fame’, when listening to the first ten seconds of Foxes’ new single, ‘Body Talk’.

Heavy synths in the background and a simple melody carefully placed on top, with reverb and echo on her vocals, make it seem as though you’re dancing the night away in a small underground pop club thirty years ago.

The British born singer/songwriter, real name Louisa Rose Allen, did well with her debut album last year. 2014 brought with it such hits as ‘Holding Onto Heaven’, ‘Youth’, and ‘Glorious’. Those tracks, while musically similar to their new sibling ‘Body Talk’, are a lot more innocent in sound. ‘Body Talk’ is edgy. The synths used are harsher than her usual melodic arrangements, and her vocals are masked in crunchy distortion, but it shows just how she’s advancing. She’s tried something new and it’s worked fantastically.

While it’s not a particularly clever song in terms of composition or lyrics, it’s her style that brings it to life. It’s a festival song, radiating Glastonbury vibes, and it’s going to be one of the big hits this summer.

So turn that radio up, fluff up your hair, pull on those denim short shorts, and get your 80s groove on.

‘Body Talk’ is now available as a single and Foxes’ second album will be released later this year.

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