One Direction
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Remembering One Direction

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When Malik left, I was devastated but I've moved on. Now they have decided to go in separate directions. Pun VERY WELL intended. I thought it's only appropriate to pay my respects by writing about the album that put them on a pedestal and turned me into a Directioner. 

I never really thought I would go crazy over a foreign boy band again, much more a British one. I actually tried to “avoid” this group at first. Even though almost all my friends are pushing me to check them out and they couldn’t stop blabbering about them, I still didn't budge. Of course I did like 'What makes you beautiful', I mean, that is like the anthem of all the girls in the world. However, my interest eventually waned. I did download some of their songs like 'Taken', 'Gotta be you', 'More than this', 'Save you tonight' and 'Na na na'. Those that my friends recommended or I've come across on the Internet while I'm bored or something. Then there's 'Up All Night' and 'One Thing'. That's when I realized that their songs are actually good. But still, I kinda thought they were one of those groups that have good-looking members but only two of them can actually sing. Or they can all sing but only two of them are ALLOWED to sing. It's not like I'm completely uninterested but I kinda thought they're gonna be this short-lived sensation or something like a three-to-five-hit-wonder.

Enter One Direction's album 'Take Me Home'. I was still doubtful about it at first. But then my friends and I spent a whole weekend singing and dancing along to their single 'Live While We're Young'. That's when I've realized I'm really starting to like these dudes.

I'm not really an expert when it comes to music reviews. My taste in music is extremely flexible. I can't even tell what my standards are or how I gauge a particular song. Sometimes it's the melody, sometimes it's the beat or rhythm; most of the time it's just the lyrics. I don't have a particular genre that I'm more inclined to listen to as well.

Moving on, here are my (fangirl) reactions/ reviews to the songs in One Direction's Take Me Home album.

- If there's an award that should be given to One Direction, it should be the. Like their hit , this one is an anthem for all the youngsters, tweens, teenagers, in-betweeners and even the young at heart. It has a similar feel to  but I like this one better. It just tells us to . Live While We're Young'Anthem Maker Award''What Makes You Beautiful''Up All Night'"screw those grown-ups and live life to the fullest"- I don't care if it's in a public or crowded area, if this song starts playing I would jump and dance around like a demented woman. From the moment Malik sang the first verse, I was instantly bobbing my head crazily and making up some insane choreography. It's a great song to start your day and it will definitely uplift your mood. Kiss You- Another anthem for the hopeless romantics. The lyrics would just shoot right through your heart and melt your soul. This is the kind of song that would make me fall head over heels in love with a guy. I don’t how they do it but I think every normal girl in the world could totally relate with at least one or two lines in the lyrics. I was definitely able to relate to at least FIVE lines in it. Little Things

"I know you've never loved the crinkles by your eyes... when you smile... You've never loved your stomach or your thighs, the dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine, but I'll love them endlessly."

"I know you've never loved the sound of your voice on tape, you've never wanted to know how much you weigh. You still have to squeeze into your jeans, but you're perfect to me."

- I love all the songs in the album but of course there would be some songs that I'd love more than the others. This one is kinda in the bottom. Don't get me wrong. I liked it when I first listened to it. The story that the lyrics tell is actually pretty thoughtful and sweet. Zayn's and Harry's powerful voices were manifested in this song and I like that. It's just that, I can put the other songs on loop and not get tired of it but I kinda skipped this one several times. C'mon C'mon- Another song that spells  with a capital R. This song is soooooo sweet and heart-melting that from the moment I’ve heard it I felt shivers and goosebumps all over. The blend of the boys' voices plus the sweet melody and of course the lovely lyrics just made it the most perfect couple song ever. I would DIE if my boyfriend sings this to me. Last First KissROMANTIC- A chillaxing song about a terrible break-up. I actually liked this song so much because of the beat and the rhythm. If you just listened to it without understanding the lyrics, you'd think it's a happy song about random stuff under the sun. But it's actually about moving on from a break-up. Maybe that's what the boys were going for though - an ironic song about love. It's a wonderful song to listen to if you're feeling exhausted with your monotonous life. Heart Attack- This is the '' song. The beat would definitely remind you of that song and it would surely get stuck in your head. I like the part. It's kinda addictive to listen and sing along to this song. Rock MeWe Will Rock You"R-O-C-K me again"- This song caught my attention at first because of the fact that Louis sang the first verse. That is quite an achievement, I think, because Louis never had more than two lines in the past. Much more sing the first few lines in a song. I actually liked his voice, not just because he's my favorite member, but because it has that distinct quality. I could easily tell if it was him singing. This is my favorite out of all the ballads. It used to be 'Last First Kiss' but the more I listened to this, the more I loved it. I especially liked Zayn and Harry's parts. Their voices just blend effortlessly. Change My Mind- Another fun and exciting song to listen and sing along to. I absolutely adore the lyrics and rhythm of this song. It's very playful and kinda cute. Listening to it would always make me smile like a fool. It kinda reminds me of my teenage years. They say that every song has a story to tell. I think this song's story is very cliché-ish and something that even guys can relate to. I should emphasize that I absolutely love the bridge part where Louis sings and Zayn hits the high notes. Now who's got those '27 tattoos' that Louis was singing about? I WouldThose were the days.- Another song that I cannot relate to, but I did enjoy listening to. I find it difficult to sing along to this song but it's very relaxing and it’s definitely included in my “Songs To Help Me Sleep” playlist. Over Againreally- This reminds me of an song and if I'm not mistaken it's ''. The melody at the start really sounds like that song. Anyway, this is another one of those songs which I can totally imagine how the music video looks like. I kinda see the boys doing some cute hand-gesture-dance in this one - similar to the 'in betweeners dance' and the 'row row row your boat dance'. Harry's voice in the chorus is just AWESOME. Back For YouA1Take On Me- My third favorite ballad. I'm kinda guessing it's about one of the boys' dating experience with another celebrity or singer. I love how honest and sweet the lyrics are. It totally reflects someone’s past (or maybe present) relationship. I just love how a song like this got to me when I haven't really experienced anything like it. They Don't Know About Us- I can only say one thing about this song. It sounds like a  song. Or, like what my friend said, it sounds like a song that features . It has that groovy, club-ish feel to it. Something you would hear playing in a club or a bar. Summer LoveBlueJustin Timberlake

I really loved this album and even now, after everything that has happened, I still listen to it. It's as simple as that. It's been a while since I actually listened to and liked a FULL English album. I've been into K-POP for more than four years now that I forgot how it feels like to sing along to English songs and actually understand what I'm singing about. It feels fantastic. I'll probably keep on listening to it despite everything.

Music like this makes me feel alive again. It makes me want to live while I'm young.

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