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The Man in the Mirror Today

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Michael Jackson would have turned 57 today (Aug 29th, 1958) and it is impossible for most, including me, to forget the excentricism that surrounded his personal life and to forgive the child sexual molestation allegations that for more than 20 years haunted him and for which too much graphical information was unveiled in the many legal battles he confronted in court. Furthermore, the sensationalism and chaos that followed his death didn't help much either and, after everything was said and done, Michael Jackson's legacy was in ruins.

I could elucubrate about Jackson's musical genius but for every Number One song (and believe me there are a lot!) I could easily name 3 Michael Jackson controversies whether financial, physical or criminal. I could even attempt to elevate him by his financial contributions to humanity by simply mentioning the $100 million raised by one of his songs ("We Are The World", cowritten by Lionel Richie) for humanitarian aid in Africa but his alleged $200 million in payments to families of his victims leaves the moral tally $100 million short against him.

In all honesty, it is very difficult to publicly recognize Michael Jackson for his contributions to humanity after everything that has happened. I was one of the first ones to sentence him in the court of public opinion.

Having said this, on the day of his death (June 25, 2009) I was one of the many millions that revisited his life and celebrated his musical genius with tears in my eyes.

Today,  I closed my eyes once again and  just for a day I played his songs and imagined a very different 57 year-old Michael Jackson. A Michael Jackson larger than life, an african-american legend and a role model for humanity...


... But in the end, when the music was over I opened my eyes and I could only see the mess and the victims he left behind.

Happy B-day Wacko Jacko, wherever you are...


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