Come Away With Me
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Come Away Again with Norah Jones

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Several albums and musical collaborations later, Norah Jones' debut album remains a top favorite for many who have followed her musical journey. And that includes me.

I remembered distinctly that I was based in Thailand when I first heard this album, thanks to a Finnish friend who shared her CD with me. I must say it was refreshing to hear her music amidst hearing just Thai songs being played all around me at that time. But more than that of language, her tunes were, to my quite stressed ears that time, really cool. I think that this is one album which you could play at any time of the day. You can play it while going through your tasks for the day (at home or at work), while you are driving or taking a bus ride or just before you drift off to sleep. It's something that you can, well, chill out with.  

That I have positive views of this album is shared by many. Awards followed Jones a year after its release: 5 Grammy Awards in 2003. This album has indeed set the stage for Jones and her music. To date, she has won 9 Grammy Awards and Billboard has named her the top jazz artist of 2000-2009 decade. The years have seen Jones expand her musical tastes and abilties beyond what she has given us through this album. That she has chosen to do so, shows us how willing she is to develop and evolve as an artist. And it is impressive that she is able to do so seamlessly. Then again, in the beginning was this album that has paved the way for music lovers to know her and admire her musicality.

While the first track Don't Know Why is the runaway favorite of many of Jones' listeners (this song hit number 1 on the Top 40 Adult Recurrents in 2003), I think they would not disagree how all the songs in the album as a whole have, over time, been loved by them. As for me, the specific tunes that rank high in my listening pleasure is the title track Come Away with Me which can easily awaken the romantic in a listener and Jone's lovely cover of the classic The Nearness of You.

So today, in your part of the world, if you want to listen to music that will be relaxing and in some parts, romantic, Come Away with Me is for you to hear out (anew or for the first time) and respond to. 

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