Christina Rubino
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Christina Rubino teases her upcoming album with the release of her single Down To The Sea

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Look who is back and just in time for the season of love is upon us. The Brooklyn singer/songwriter Christina Rubino is back and ready to set the music world ablaze with her upcoming full-length album “Godspeed and Guns” that is set to release on, yup, you guessed it, February 14th, 2017. Before that, she sent us a little goodie with her brand new single “Down To The Sea” out now for all to enjoy. We are so excited because she has been a personal favorite of mine since 2013 because she is so similar to Johnny Cash with her storytelling abilities. This song is full of awesome progressions, vocals that reach the soul,  and a new edge to Indie Rock. Christina Rubino was Guitar Girl Magazine’s Top 10 artists to watch in 2015 and now with 2017 just beginning, we see why they were raving about this young artist. We cannot wait for the full-length album to release so that we can pop it in our record player and play it throughout and get lost in her words. Enjoy “Down To The Sea” below as you listen to Christina Rubino.